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What is SafeChek™?

SafeChek™ is a technology platform that provides real-time messaging tools, safety sensors & analytics for the entrances and operations of all types of businesses. 

  • Digital Displays with screening applications
  • Mask & Temperature detection
  • Analytics & Dashboards with powerful business insights

Testimonials speak for themselves...

“We closed the dealership in late March.  We reopened in May and the worry was  incredible, and then we had the best  opportunity ever... to bring in a product  that checked temperature and asked all  the right questions.” 

Marcelle Bessada, Bessada KIA General Manager & VP of Operations 

“My employer is not only keeping myself  safe but the customers as well. At a  time like this where I have to come to  work everyday, I don’t want to worry  about if i am going to get sick. I am very  glad we had it installed.” 

John Hatterly, KIA Bessada Product Specialist 

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