Capture real-time stats & trends with  SafeChek Analytics sensors & dashboards

Looking for real-time analytics and reporting but without a digital display or screen at your entryway?

SafeChek™ software, sensors & analytics are available as add ons to digital displays or as stand-alone products.  No hardware required!

Gather relevant data & immediate insights about your queue, customers & employees. If you have multiple locations, you can compare insights between locations for performance monitoring & benchmarking purposes.

SafeChek Analytics provides relevant data & immediate insights about your visitors: 

  • People counting (# of visitors inside, and for how long) 
  • % of customers wearing facemask's
  • Busiest times of day & week - to optimize staffing
  • Visitor return visits & frequency
  • Trends and multi-location indexing 
  • Historical analysis and performance results 


SafeChek Analytics dashboards work on all displays & devices

SafeChek provides you with important information to make data-driven decisions about staffing and ensure you are operating at peak efficiency!

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